June 30 – Friday – 3 Workshops with Ari Levitt in PT

Workshops with Ari Levitt
At Brigid’s Loft: 280 Quincy St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Join us for some eclectic partner dance classes with the world-renowned Ari Levitt! We are so lucky to have such a talented dance teacher and professional dancer join us in our little town to share his knowledge with us! We’ve got a host of classes that can be taken á la carte or in a package in which they will build upon each other.


#1 **Beginner Class, 5:30-6:30pm

Intro to Fusion Dance:
Learn the secrets of improvisation and play in this fabulous workshop. Fusion is a great way to learn the pure language of dance as well as musicality, flow, & lyrical improvisation, all of which can be applied to virtually any dance you do. Because the focus will be on connection rather than on footwork, it’s a whole new approach to dance and partner awareness that will be a true game changer and take whatever level of dance you’re at now, and increase your “wow” factor by many-fold!

#2 **Intermediate Class, 6:45-7:45pm
(appropriate to take it if you took the preceding class or have done some fusion dancing or taken a class)

Fusion & The Playful Art of Conversational Dance:
In this class you will learn the simple rules for creating playful conversations through your body on the dance floor, including how to listen as well as how to give your partner a voice. As in all of Ari’s classes, emphasis will be placed on understanding the “language” of partnered dance (not just steps), emphasizing those valuable lead and follow skills that can be applied to virtually any solo or partner dance.

#3 **Intermediate Class, 8-9pm
(must have some basic partner dance experience or have taken the previous 2 classes)

Tango’d Up in Blues:
Embellish on Blues Dancing by learning to cut the floor with sultry Tango footwork and spicy Latin breaks that are easily inserted into your blues styling. A great way to broaden your dance horizons and put the “wow” factor into any partnering you do! (open to all levels, no prior knowledge of blues or tango needed)

Pricing for Friday night classes:
Class 1 = $20
Class 2 = $20
Class 3 = $20
Package for all 3 classes = $50
Note: This whole weekend is a fundraiser for the Fusion Inclusion Dance Project to create bigger and better events, so feel free to donate more if you feel excited about that!

1. Pay per-class or for the 3-class package on Paypal (please leave a note with your name and what you’re signing up for)
2. Pay per-class or for the 3-class package to Sarah on Venmo (preferred! please leave a note with your name and what you’re signing up for)
3. Send a check! Email Sarah for details: sarah.peller@gmail.com
4. Cash or Check at the door (we REALLY want people to sign up ahead of time so we know who’s coming, so please help us out and do so!)

If this is at all confusing, please just call me (Sarah) if you need any help navigating this! 508-471-6866. ?